FullCure ® 720

Polyjet (PJ)

The FullCure® line of photopolymer resins open up a whole world of possibilities for users of 3-dimensional printings.

Based on Objet’s unique ultra-thin-layer Polyjet™ technology, Fullcure® resins are used to create accurate, highly detailed three-dimensional models for a wide range of applications. Unlike models created by other
technologies, Objet-made parts are fully cured during the build process and can be handled immediately after build.

The FullCure® line includes several types of flexible and rigid model materials. The FullCure® support material enables users to produce any geometry, including overhangs and undercuts.

The FullCure® line currently includes the following materials, with more to come in the near future:

FullCure®720 – General-purpose resin, offers excellent technical properties in a transparent color.

Vero materials – Feature opaque colors and improved mechanical properties, offering users excellent detail visualization and even wider range of applications.

Tango materials – Offer users highly flexible materials with different levels of elasticity, enabling a close “touch and feel” match for any design.

Key Advantages

  • Elongation at break of 20% for rigid models enables fit and function.
  • Excellent impact strength.
  • Models ready to use, no extra finishing required.
  • Models can be handled right off the tray.
  • Easy to remove gel-like support material ensures no hard grid edges
  • Paint readily adheres to model surfaces
  • High accuracy models.

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