Serving the Industrial Manufacturers of Every Industry

Within every industry is a manufacturer working behind the scenes to bring products and solutions to market. Just like us, these manufacturers are dedicating their services to further industry across the globe. At GoProto, we provide turnkey plastic and metal manufacturing solutions to keep these manufacturers running seamlessly. From heavy machinery production to the tools that run the machine, our 3D printing technology and machining gets the job done.

Providing Custom Turnkey Plastic and Metal Manufacturing Solutions

Our turnkey plastic and metal manufacturing solutions are delivered by our expert team and state of the art technology. Our capabilities set us apart from the rest:

  • CNC machining: CNC tools eliminate the need for manual machining. We make the entire CNC fabrication process painless for you.
  • Urethane casting: Our urethane casting is fast, producing a production-ready part seamlessly. After finishing, the part will be inspected and ready to use in your product as a prototype or low-volume production run.
  • Injection molding: With access to a wide range of plastic and elastomeric materials, we produce a rapid injection tool or custom injection tool for your needs.
  • 3D printing: This includes stereolithography (SLA), direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) and more. Built layer-by-layer, parts created using 3D printing technology are highly accurate and the highest quality.

Heavy equipment and machinery manufacturers, machine tool designers, chemical manufacturers, industrial robotic machinery manufacturers, automotive manufacturers and more trust our team at GoProto for all of their industrial production needs.

Serving the Industrial Manufacturers of Every Industry

Our capabilities at GoProto make it easy for us to serve the manufacturers of every industry with applications such as:

  • Custom tooling, jigs and brackets for manufacturing
  • Rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing for advanced projects
  • Custom fixturing
  • Low-volume prototype or short-term production support with CNC machining, injection molding and more
  • Rapid tooling and manufacturing tooling

Experience On-Demand Manufacturing Today

Are you a manufacturer looking to enhance your process with on-demand parts and prototypes? We’ve got you covered. To get started today, request a quote. You can also give our team a call with questions or concerns at 888-467-7686.

“Thank you guys so much! I’m not sure what you guys are doing over there or how you do it, but GoProto has been a saving grace for us recently when most shops are quoting 5 week+ long lead times. Keep it up!” — Dakota (Engineering Consulting Firm)
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