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Printing for a wide range of FDM applications requires stringent and controlled printer specifications. This is especially true when using high performance and engineering grade FDM materials. These applications often require a larger build envelop to meet the requirements of part sizes for various industries. At GoProto, we utilize Stratasys’ F900 and 450mc FDM printers.

Stratasys F900

The Stratasys F900™ is a robust, industrial-sized FDM machine that combines size and controls into a single unit. The Stratasys F900™ is designed to use a wide range of engineering grade thermoplastics as well as more common materials such as ABS. This is supported by dual build zones that allow dual parts builds or a combined build for larger parts. It has a large build envelop of 36” x 24” x 36” and can produce parts to within an accuracy of ±0.09mm.

The F900 is integrated with GrabCAD software that allows the machine to print directly from CAD designs. This is combined with onboard monitoring of the workflow to manage material usage, history and other real-time performance factors.

Stratasys F450mc

Although smaller than the F900, the Stratasys 450mc™ can handle the same engineering grade materials with a superior level of control. The 450mc has a build envelope of 16” x 14” x 16” and can produce parts to within an accuracy of ±0.127mm.

FDM Materials

ABS-M30 ||  General purpose material with good mechanical properties and low cost
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ASA ||  General purpose material similar to ABS but with improved UV stability
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NYLON 12 – Chopped Carbon-Filled ||  Super stiff and strong
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PC (Polycarbonate) ||  General purpose production material that is stronger than ABS or ASA
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PC/ABS ||  General purpose production material that combines strength of PC with flexibility of ABS
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ESD ABS or PC – ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) || Safe filaments are designed to reduce static electricity in order to protect electrostatic-sensitive devices.
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ULTEM 1010 ||  High temp and high strength ideal for medical, aerospace, food contact
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ULTEM 9085 ||  Certified for Aerospace. Flame retardant and low smoke & toxicity high temp and high strength.
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