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Prototyping Services & Manufacturing Solutions

GoProto has the answer to all of your manufacturing needs. Whether you’re looking for specific prototyping services or you’re curious to see our vast selection of our manufacturing solutions, you’ve come to the right place. We take your projects from beginning to end, rapidly constructing your prototypes while also taking great care in finishing them to look how they should.

Each of our manufacturing solutions listed are unique and provide their own particular strengths and weaknesses. Some of the materials in our prototyping services will work better than others for your desired vision, but together, we will come up with the perfect plan for you.

concept modeling


These elegant beauties are study models typically used early in the design stage. You’ll frequently find them in photo shoots, marketing samples, focus groups, trade shows and company meetings.

additive manufacturing


Additive Manufacturing = Rapid Prototyping plus production-level validation. Advances in materials & speed make Additive Manufacturing a legitimate option for Just-In-Time production of highly customized, variable-geometry, digitally designed parts. SLS, MJF & DMLM are good candidates.

Rapid Prototyping


Need great parts super fast? That’s why this solution’s first name is “Rapid”. From the traditional SLA, SLS & FDM processes to the more cutting edge technologies of CLIP & MJF, we’ll get you quality parts quickly.

Sheet Metal


Whether you need sheet metal parts, assemblies or weldments, we’ve got you covered. With capacity and expertise to spare, we’ll quickly cut, bend & form whatever you need and can even create progressive dies, tooling and fixtures.



Also known as CNC, Machining allows you to step up your game to near-production level parts. This subtractive process delivers tight-tolerance, engineer-grade prototype or production materials courtesy of our skilled and super-nice machinists.

Urethane Castings


Looking for that cost-effective bridge between prototyping and production? Urethane Casting fills that gap through relatively inexpensive tooling & master patterns for higher volume prototypes or lower volume production. All of this in materials that simulate production plastics.

Tooling & Molding


GoProto specializes in extremely quick turn on metal tooling for injection molded parts in a huge range of production plastic and elastomeric materials. Simple to very complex, single material or dual shot, clear or opaque or low to high volume, GoProto will deliver your parts fast!


The difference between a yes or no production decision often comes down to the details. Our extraordinarily meticulous finishers delight in perfecting your parts. From paint & polish with color matching to text & graphics with rub-ons, silkscreening or pad printing, we’ll go nuts so you won’t have to.

“Hi, all - I just wanted to follow up to say thank you for all of your help in the last project. It was a big project with a fast turnaround time, and you all were absolutely the enabler to getting this done in time. Thanks for the quick quote, the flexibility in shipping, and the expedited work throughout the team, I really appreciate it. Thanks again, and I look forward to our next project together (hopefully with a little more lead time!). Best, Chris – Precision Indoor Agriculture Company” — Chris (Precision Indoor Agriculture Company)
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