Machining (CNC)

Machining (CNC)

Direct From CAD Files

Durable, highly accurate with superb surface finish

CNC Prototyping

CNC manufacturing is a subtractive process that starts with our machinists programming our machining centers directly from your CAD files. Our machining centers use tools of varying sizes and shapes to remove material from a solid block of metal or plastic to reveal your part shape. In the case of large or highly complex parts, GoProto will use CNC manufacturing to make “fabricated” parts where a part is sectioned in the CAD file, machined in these sections, and then our craftspeople bond the sections back together to form your completed part. Machined parts from CNC prototyping are durable, produced in production materials, highly accurate, and have a superb surface finish. These parts can be painted or polished to create highly cosmetic or clear prototype through production use parts.

If you want to make your idea on paper possible for prototype, we won’t quit at ensuring our CNC prototyping processes are up to your standards. Questions? Contact us today!


POLYCARBONATE || Black or Clear

ABS || Natural (Off-White) or Black

ABS – v0 FLAME-RATED || Black

PC+ABS || Black

ACRYLIC || Clear

ULTEM || Translucent Amber or Black

NYLON || Natural (Off-White) or Black


NAK80 || Get Spec Sheet

SKD11 Steel || Get Spec Sheet

Copper Alloy Guide || Get Guide

Aluminum AL6061-T6 || Get Spec Sheet

Machined and polished Polycarbonate (PC) vs. Acrylic: what’s the difference?

“Good morning Greg, Hope the week is going well so far. Thank you for touching base with me yesterday. Regarding the bracket sample, wanted to let you know that it’s probably the nicest 3d print quality I’ve ever seen. All the features came out great and the material has the strength and toughness that we’re looking for in the application.” — Marcel (Leading Electrical Panel Manufacturer)
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