Urethane Castings Materials

Urethane casting is a great way to get high-quality cosmetic and functional parts produced in a production-like material quickly and inexpensively before proceeding to injection-molding. Because of urethane casting’s ability to produce parts with textures quickly, it is a process worth investigating. GoProto can make the urethane molding and casting process a straightforward experience for you!


Polypropylene-Like Urethane – 70D || Get Spec Sheet

High Temp Rigid Urethane – PX 223/HT || Get Spec Sheet

Silicone Rubber Durometer 40A – TC-5040 || Get Spec Sheet

Silicone Rubber Durometer 45A – TC-5041 || Get Spec Sheet

Silicone Rubber Durometer 60A -TC-5060 || Get Spec Sheet

Rigid General Purpose Urethane Plastic – TC-850 || Get Spec Sheet

Rigid Clear Urethane Plastic – TC-879 || Get Spec Sheet

Rigid Flame Retardant Urethane Plastic – TC-894 || Get Spec Sheet

“We had the parts you just delivered independently inspected and everything looked good. Please extend a large “Thank You and job well done!” to all the members of your team for me. Getting the parts early and correct has really helped us out immensely and we are currently working on building them up. Great job all around!” — James (High-End Sensor Technology Company)
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