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Consumer Product Part and Prototype Manufacturing

If you have a product you need to bring to the market fast, you need to overhaul your design cycle. Your prototype shouldn’t take days to create. Instead, at GoProto, we can deliver a prototype for your consumer product that you can be proud of in mere hours. We offer rapid prototyping, concept modeling and more to help you visualize the finished product before production.

From Part to Prototype: Custom Consumer Product Manufacturing Solutions

Regardless of the type of consumer product you create, you’ll need parts and a prototype prior to moving forward. At GoProto, we have the capabilities necessary to take your product from concept to completion. To start, let us handle your concept modeling by creating a prototype of your product using rapid prototyping, cast urethane and more.

From there, we can support your production needs by offering prototype, pilot or short-term production support using injection molding, urethane casting, 3D printing with metals and plastics and more. Want to customize your product for a low-volume production run? We can make that happen too. Some of our other solutions include:

Serving a Wide Range of Engineers and Manufacturers

GoProto works closely with engineers and manufacturers of all sizes including consumer electronics makers, appliance manufacturers, toy manufacturers, personal and household goods manufacturers and more. From consumer electronic parts to complete invention prototypes ready for production, GoProto has a solution for you including:

  • Concept modeling for testing
  • Custom fixtures
  • Functional prototypes
  • 3D printing with metals and plastics for consumer product parts
  • Rapid prototyping to speed up the design cycle

Get Your Part or Prototype Quote Today

At GoProto, we’re dedicated to the success of your product, providing only the highest quality parts and prototypes. To get started today, request a quote online. Or reach out to us by calling 888-467-7686 to tell us about your product and find a solution to fit your needs.

“Thank you Karime, It arrived this AM. Thank you. My customer was ‘wowed’ that we could get it done so quickly. You made us look good. Thanx for your efforts.” — Philip (a manufacturing company)
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