Urethane Casting

Urethane Castings

Urethane Castings

A bridge between prototyping & production

Urethane Casting

Urethane casting is a great way to get high-quality cosmetic and functional parts produced in a production-like material quickly and inexpensively before proceeding to injection-molding. At GoProto, we start the process with a master pattern made using 3D printing or machining depending on tolerance needs. We then use that master to make a silicone rubber mold. We then pour liquid urethane material under precise vacuum into the mold. After this urethane molding process, the urethane cures and we remove your part. After finishing, the part is ready to be inspected and used in your product as either a prototype or in a low-volume production run.

Because of urethane casting’s ability to produce parts with textures quickly, it is a process worth investigating. GoProto can make the urethane molding and casting process a straightforward experience for you!

Solutions: Urethane Castings


Polypropylene-Like Urethane – 70D ||

High Temp Rigid Urethane – PX 223/HT ||

Silicone Rubber Durometer 40A – TC-5040 ||

Silicone Rubber Durometer 45A – TC-5041 ||

Silicone Rubber Durometer 60A -TC-5060 ||

Rigid General Purpose Urethane Plastic – TC-850 ||

Rigid Clear Urethane Plastic – TC-879 ||

Rigid Flame Retardant Urethane Plastic – TC-894 ||

“Hey Guys, Hope all is well! I just received the sheet metal parts and assembled them onto the prototype it belongs to and it’s perfect! Just wanted to let you know you guys did a great job!” — Daren (design engineering company)
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