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Manufacturing Processes & 3D Printing Solutions

No matter where your projects may lie on the production cycle, GoProto’s manufacturing processes and 3D printing solutions will take them up a notch.

We strive to make sure our 3D printing solutions are among the newest in the industry. Within our manufacturing processes, we use injection tooling and molding, laser sintering, and additive and subtractive processes. Most importantly, with all of our services, we handle your projects with the utmost care.

Trust GoProto for not only the finest advancements in technology, but the finest advancements in service. Need a quote on a project? Contact us today!

concept modeling


2D printing giants HP™ have jumped into our 3D space in a big way with Multi Jet Fusion (MJF). This revolutionary new technology heat-fuses parts at the voxel (volumetric-pixel) level, resulting in rapidly manufactured parts with both superior finishes and mechanical strength.

fused deposition modeling


When material properties are critical, the timeless favorite FDM may fit the bill. While this thermoplastic option won’t deliver superior-grade finishes, it is a tolerance and toughness workhorse that can handle specialized properties and environmental abuses.



The grandfather of modern rapid prototyping, SLA gets you quality parts at a great price. A laser-based, additive process, SLA delivers highly accurate photopolymer parts with a quality surface finish. Not the strongest of all processes, however.

Direct Metal Laser Melting


One of the most exciting innovations in 3D printing is Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM). This additive process delivers parts with highly complex geometries in metals such as titanium, stainless steel and aluminum in no time at all. Whether prototype or end-use part, think GoProto for you DMLM needs.



Machining is a tried and true subtractive process. Machined parts are durable, produced in production materials, highly accurate and have a superb surface finish. They can be painted or polished to create highly cosmetic or clear prototype through production use parts.

urethane casting


Cast Urethane is a method used to bridge the gap between 3D printed or machined parts and final production injection-molded parts. Castings are durable, can be made highly cosmetic and are cost-effective for higher quantities in some cases.

sheet metal


GoProto specializes in rapid turnaround on low quantity sheet metal. We are experts in speed and high quality using press brakes, welding and rapid tooling where needed. Aluminums, steels, mating hardware and finishing as required.GoProto specializes in rapid turnaround on low quantity sheet metal. We are experts in speed and high quality using press brakes, welding and rapid tooling where needed. Aluminums, steels, mating hardware and finishing as required.

rapid injection tooling


What if you need injection-molded parts, but have to have them super fast and at a value? You are definitely in the right spot. We at GoProto specialize in extremely quick turn on metal tooling for injection molded parts and won’t charge you an arm and leg to make it happen.

custom injection tooling


Your project calls for intricate parts or high quantities? No problem at all. Our GoProto custom injection tooling solution delivers production plastics and elastometric materials in a snap. Our decades of experience means fast, world-class quality parts, regardless of complexity.

injection molding


Injection molding plastic or rubber parts can be a difficult challenge without the right partner. Good news is your partner search ends here. GoProto’s deep industry experience will deliver quality parts free of surprises and pitfalls, ensuring quality and precision for every production run.



Prototypes and production parts are often not finished until they are, drum roll please, finished! GoProto will add paint, graphics, brass inserts, helicoils, sub-assembly as you need to complete your part or your project. We happily add the finishing touch!

Selective Laser Sintering


Need parts that can stand up to the elements? Selective Laser Sintering might be just the thing. SLS is a layer-by-layer 3D printing process producing durable nylon parts. Not as fast or smooth as other processes, but deliver end-use parts with the best of them.

polyjet 3d printing


The additive workhorse Polyjet uses UV light to cure deposited liquid photopolymers and delivers precision finish parts for your form/fit testing needs. Not for use in all mechanical applications, but is a good value option for quick-turn projects.

“We received this cast urethane order and are very impressed with the quality. Great job, thanks again.” — Chris (Industrial Equipment Manufacturer)
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