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HP’s New Digital Manufacturing Network Partner

With HP’s recent press release, GoProto shines through as a key partner in the Digital Manufacturing Network powered by Multi Jet Fusion.


By leveraging the manufacturing expertise of GoProto and the game-changing 3D printing technology from HP, the partnership is helping redefine how world-leading product development and manufacturing is done. Faster, more cost-effectively and with all the power of additive manufacturing turning the impossible into great solutions.

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution is one of the most transformative forces in our lifetime. New technology innovations will be required, new partnership models will emerge, and new modes of doing business will unfold.”  –  Christoph Schell, President of 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing at HP Inc.

Digital Manufacturing Network Partner

The Importance of HP’s Network of Digital Manufacturing

With an ever-changing industry, our clients expect the best 3D parts and to reduce production times and keep within budgets.

The big question is:

How do you trust a manufacturer to consistently provide on these points every time?

This is where HP’s Digital Manufacturing Network makes your choice easy.

HP Digital Manufacturing Network partners have been evaluated and pre-qualified based on their end-to-end 3D printing capabilities for production at scale, as well as their manufacturing and quality processes.

GoProto is HP’s choice in North America.

Selected for meeting or exceeding following requirements:

Members of the HP Digital Manufacturing Network possess high levels of advanced additive manufacturing expertise, robust quality management and end-to-end manufacturing processes, as well as a proven capability for volume job production.

In addition, GoProto values using technology intelligently to fuel relationships with our client partners. We work together to make it better.


A new way of thinking will be key to the ever-changing 3D printing space. This is where innovation and partnerships will become crucial to ignite a reinvention of digital manufacturing.

The Future and Reinvention of 3D Printing Solutions

The machine that is igniting this reinvention comes from HP. Not only are they seeing and hearing the demands for quality manufacturers, like us at GoProto, but they are meeting them too.

The all new HP Jet Fusion 3D printing platform delivers improved economics, performance, repeatability and part quality.

Multi Jet Fusion brings together new systems, data intelligence, build software, services, and material innovations enabling customers to scale their 3D production. MJF delivers best-in-class economics and productivity for production environments, and provides the increased flexibility, improved uptime and streamlined workflows, required for consistent and reliable performance.

Get a better look at how we are achieving this with HP’s Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing

GoProto’s Certifications and Services

To top it all off, we are in the process of acquiring AS9100 and ISO certification. With an already impressive set of certifications including ITAR, we are well-prepared to take on any project, whether related to aerospace and defense or any other of these key industries: automotivemedical devicesconsumer products, and jigs/fixtures/assembly aids.

GoProto Services:

GoProto continues to offer best-in-class prototype through production plastic and metal parts manufacturing. We offer a vast array of conventional quick-turn manufacturing options, which have only been strengthened by the addition of additive technologies including MJF, FDM and SLA. Whether you need 3D printing, Machining or Sheet Metal, Cast Urethane, Rapid Injection Mold Tooling or Part Finishing, GoProto is your one-stop shop that will help solve your most complex engineering challenges.

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