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GoProto Prints Over 1,000 Unique Parts for Art Installation at Microsoft

3D printing technology is increasingly being used for artistic installations worldwide as materials improve. Recently, the Jenny Sabin Studio completed an architectural installation on Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington campus that incorporates artificial intelligence with a unique exoskeleton composed of fiberglass rods and 3D printed nodes; every single one of the over 1,000 nodes being different.

This is where GoProto comes in. At GoProto, we 3D printed each node utilizing our HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) printers. Each node is a slightly different shape, with unique numbers printed at each of the 3 points on the nodes to identify how they fit together. When all other manufacturing options were evaluated, MJF was found to be the only one capable of producing parts that are strong enough, with a good surface finish, and fast enough to make the project feasible. GoProto printed all the parts and delivered them in under 4 weeks.

To learn more, see the video below: