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GoProto Launches Critical PPE Productions To Help Healthcare Workers Fighting COVID-19

Above: Montana Mask in-use.

GoProto is pleased to announce the launch of face shields and masks for healthcare workers fighting Covid-19, available immediately. As an end-to-end manufacturing solutions provider, companies such as GoProto are uniquely positioned to respond rapidly to medical professionals and organizations in need of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other critical healthcare items during this time. These products can be designed and produced using 3D printing and a combination of traditional manufacturing methods and off-the-shelf components to produce on-demand, quick turn PPE for those in need.

GoProto is manufacturing two standard products to help meet the unique demand for such equipment during the Covid-19 crisis:

Clear PET Face Shields – Our clear PET face shields will provide splash and vapor protection for the face and can be used in conjunction with other PPE such as respirators and glasses. They provide an additional layer of protection in critical environments. Each face shield headband is 3D printed using HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) and are bead blasted. The material for the headband is Nylon PA12 with clear PET for the shield. Each face shield kit includes 1 headband and 3 clear face shields, with an additional 25 replacement shields available as replacement packs. These are available in lots of 290 kits for immediate shipment.

Montana Mask – The Montana Mask comes in a kit that includes 1 plastic face frame, a filter frame, 2 elastic bands, 1 silicone seal band and an N95 “cut-to-fit” filter. The face frame and filter frame are printed in Nylon PA12 using HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) printer technology, and are finished by bead-blasting. They can be sterilized using standard medical sterilization methods. These are available in lots of 40 kits for immediate shipment.

By leveraging the capabilities of 3D printing, GoProto can adapt to changing production needs as they occur. And by accelerating the availability of essential medical products, such as the Montana Mask and face shields, to healthcare workers through use of additive manufacturing, critical gaps in the supply chain can be filled that would otherwise remain at risk.

While these PPE products are 3D printed with commercial grade HP Multi Jet Fusion printers, GoProto is positioned to provide an array of custom manufacturing to augment traditional supply lines for PPE products for healthcare workers on the front lines. In addition to 3D printing, these in-house capabilities include Fused Deposition modeling (FDM), Stereolithography (SLA), CNC machining, cast urethane, sheet metal and injection molding and complete product finishing should additional medical components be required for quick turn service.

GoProto stands ready to answer any questions about these products or their availability as well as work with those within the medical and first responder communities for additional requirements. We can provide full material specification sheets as needed.

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