Vapor Smoothing

Finishing process

Need your 3D-printed parts to look better and perform better?

Try vapor/mechanical smoothing!

GoProto is all about helping you make your parts look and perform their best. We have added new capability to vapor smooth your 3D printed parts! GoProto utilizes Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT)’s PostPro3D® patent pending technology as a service for part finishing on 3D printed parts we manufacture in-house or that you send to GoProto for smoothing. PostPro3D® is a CE and UL listed machine and is based on AMT’s proprietary BLAST™ process (Boundary Layer Automated Smoothing Technology)which is a physical-chemical-based process that can smooth a wide variety of thermoplastic polymers that are printed in MJF, SLS or FDM 3D printing technologies. The process is non-line-of-sight and can smooth complex internal cavities of polymer parts.

The PostPro3D technology is highly controllable, allowing reproducible results with no degradation of a parts’ mechanical properties – and in fact it improves some mechanical properties such as elongation and impact strength. Smoothing makes parts look great and since there is no secondary layer added there is very minimal impact to tolerances and there’s no paint to scratch!

Check out the white paper on smoothing HERE!  Vapor Smoothing White Papers


“Thank you for turning this around so quickly! The painted parts look great. It is very much appreciated!” — Shokoofeh (Contract Design Manufacturing Company)

“I just received the MJF caps and they look great! These are the best MJF parts I’ve seen to date – all your practice and hard work is catching up.” — Mark
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