Photo-Realistic Results

Paint, Polishing, Bead Blasting and Metalization

Finishing Process

Selecting the right finishing process can make all the difference in the success of your prototype parts, model, or other production parts. The GoProto staff has years of expertise to help guide you to the right finishing process. We have a variety of finishing levels for all processes to produce targets ranging from unfinished to photo-realistic results. Techniques include wet paint, polishing, bead blasting and metalization. GoProto will have your parts looking how they should.

Color matching can be achieved by providing a physical sample or a Pantone color designation. Text and graphics can be applied to models with rub-ons, silkscreening, or pad printing. Metal parts can be enhanced with finishing with bead blasting, plating, anodizing, powder coating or chroming.

Please let us know what effect you are trying to achieve and we will make it happen.

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COLOR || Matched to Pantone or RAL or provided color chips

TEXTURE || MoldTech, Tenibac, Custom matches

SILKSCREEN || Depending on part geometry

RUB-ONS || When silkscreen not possible / detail too small (W/CLEAR COAT)

CLEAR COAT || Polish for extra high gloss parts

CERAKOTE || Durable ceramic paint for MJF and metal parts

HYDROGRAPHICS || Hydrographic artwork applied to parts

“Hello America, I just want to let you know that the first MJF part arrived on time, was installed and tested and indeed solved our problem beautifully, and all exactly just in time. Thank you and your colleagues for your attention, speed, and quality. Well done.” — Keith (therapeutic medical company)
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