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Multi Jet Fusion

Introducing the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing solution

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Access to the revolutionary new Additive Manufacturing technology HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) is now available through GoProto.  HP selected GoProto as a foundation partner to deliver prototype and production parts in North America due to our customer-solutions orientation, production capacity, and decades-long relationship with the HP printing family.  As one of the first service bureaus to be selected in the country, we offer leading-edge expertise, and will help you get started with this groundbreaking manufacturing process.  Whether you need quick-turn prototypes or more robust production parts, GoProto is your source for all things Multi Jet Fusion.

MJF is an additive process where parts are built layer-by-layer in nylon material, but unlike any process we’ve seen before. It’s a unique, hybrid methodology which employs print heads to first deposit powdered material onto a build plate. Multi Jet Fusion then adds fusing and detailing agents into the mix at the Voxel (3d Pixel) level. Heat energy is then passed over the mix to fuse, cure, and apply specifically-tailored mechanical properties.

The resulting parts from MJF manufacturing are extremely strong, highly-accurate, and have a surface finish that makes them ideal for mechanical testing and production manufacturing.


Automotive / Transportation

Manufacturing (fixtures)

Consumer Products

Medical Devices


Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Injection Molded Parts

Machining (CNC)


Strength and Precision Requirements

Short to Medium Run Production

Frequent Design Changes

Tooling & Fixturing

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  • PA12    ||    (MORE ON THE WAY, INCLUDING COLOR) – Technical Guideline for Material Development

  • Design Guide    ||   HP MJF Guideline 

Reinvent how you prototype and produce functional parts

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HP’s unique Open Platform approach is fostering widespread adoption of 3D printing by expanding the availability of new materials to address a broader set of applications, lowering materials costs, driving performance improvements, and creating new possibilities for part properties that address specific industry needs.

What is a voxel?


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In 3D printing, a voxel represents a value on a regular grid in a three-dimensional space; like a pixel with volume. Each voxel contains volumetric information that will essentially bring a product to life with the desired properties.

Unlock the full potential of 3D printing

Transform part properties voxel by voxel enabling a future of limitless applications, materials and colors. Imagine a future where we can produce ‘Smart Parts’ with embedded electronics and integrated traceability and intelligence. HP is here to help your business get ready for a future era of Digital Manufacturing.