High Temp Rigid Urethane – PX 223/HT

Urethane Castings

High Temp Rigid Urethane PX 223/HT

Vacuum casting polyurethane resin for technical parts and prototypes.


Used by casting in silicone moulds for the realisation of prototype parts and mock-ups whose mechanical properties are close to those of thermoplastics.


  • Low viscosity for easy casting
  • Good impact and flexural resistance
  • Temperature resistance above 120°C

Processing (Vacuum casting machine) :

  • Vacuum casting into silicone moulds.
  • Both parts have to be processed at a temperature above +18°C.
  • Important : Rehomogenize the part Polyol before each weighing.
  • Degas each part before use.
  • Mix for 45 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Cast in a mold pre-heated at 40°C minimum.
  • Allow to cure 45 to 75 minutes at 70°C before demoulding.
  • Carry out the following thermal treatment : 1 hr at 100°C + 2 hr at 110°C or more if possible.

NOTE: After demoulding it is not necessary to use a conformer to maintain the part in the oven during the post curing. Nevertheless it is advisable to ensure that the geometry or the mass of the part does not present any deformation risk.

Handling Precautions:

Normal health and safety precautions should be observed when handling these products :

  • ensure good ventilation
  • wear gloves and safety glasses

Storage Conditions

Shelf life of Polyol and Isocyanate is 12 months in a dry place and in their original unopened containers at a temperature between 15 and 25°C. Any open can must be tightly closed under dry nitrogen blanket.