Somos® NeXt

Stereolithography (SLA)

An Extremely Durable Stereolithography Material for Functional Testing

Product Description

Through continuous innovation and collaboration with our customers over many years, Somos® delivers the next generation in toughness and durability with Somos® NeXt.

Somos® NeXt is a highly durable stereolithography material which produces very accurate parts with high feature resolution. This material is ideal for the production of tough, complex parts that also exhibit excellent moisture and thermal resistance. Somos® NeXt has a look and feel that is almost indistinguishable from finished traditional thermoplastics, making it perfect for building parts and prototypes for functional testing applications — resulting in time, money and material savings during product development.

Somos® NeXt is an outstanding material for industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, consumer products and electronics.

Key Benefits

  • Superior strength and durability
  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Thermoplastic-like performance, look and feel

Ideal Applications

  • Tough, functional end-use prototypes
  • Snap-fit designs
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Packaging and sporting goods

Seeing was believing for Warrior Sports During a test game that used professional athletes, hard rubber balls (weighing 5.25 ounces) were caught and thrown using Somos® NeXt prototype lacrosse heads. Speeds of 90+ mph were achieved to test the durability of not only the design of the head, but also, the durability of Somos® NeXt.