Polyjet (PJ) Materials

Polyjet printing is an additive jetting process utilizing liquid photopolymers deposited in droplets and then cured with a UV light source layer by layer. Polyjet parts are highly accurate with great surface finish, providing a realistic appearance. They are used for form and fit checking, limited mechanical use, master patterns for cast urethane, or for cosmetic models when sanded and painted.

CAVEATS: Polyjet parts are not as strong as SLA, FDM or SLS. They are prone to warpage due to moisture and heat.

Polyjet (PJ) Materials

FullCure ® 720 || CLEAR AMBER Get Spec Sheet

FullCure ® 630 || CLEAR, NEW MATERIAL

FullCure ® 835 VeroWhitePlus || WHITE Get Spec Sheet

FullCure ® 835 VeroBlackPlus || BLACK Get Spec Sheet

FullCure ® 850 VeroGrey || GREY

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