Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

MJF Finishing / Post-Processing


Multi Jet Fusion parts are durable enough to be able to be plated with metal finishes. GoProto employs two types of metalization. 

The first is cosmetic “metal” which is chrome finish to make the parts shiny and reflective. This process involves spray application of a chrome effect metal finish that is applied like paint. It’s line of site and can be masked to leave areas unfinished for assembly or fit reasons. The chrome is as durable as standard paint. This process requires extensive finishing of the MJF part to make it as smooth as possible prior to applying the finish.  Design considerations with the chrome finish are very similar to paint in that not all surfaces can be reached completely if they are deep pockets, back sides of parts or undercut. The surface finish of MJF has a light texture inherent in the process. Smoothing surfaces completely is not possible, so it is critical to work with our shop to specify the cosmetic surfaces required to be highly cosmetic.

The second is functional metal which is done with electroplating. MJF electroplates very well by using copper and nickel.  Plating MJF parts can make them very effective EMI/RFI shields, conductive pieces or very stiff mechanical parts.  The process is not intended for highly cosmetic chrome effects.  It is a functional plating meant to make the parts conductive, so they are functional for your application. 
Like other coating processes the parts must be held while the finish is applied. This results in visible blemish areas on the parts, so it is critical to work with our team to specify where it is acceptable to locate these blemishes on the parts.