EOS Titanium Ti64

Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM)

EOS Titanium Ti64

EOS Titanium Ti64 is a titanium alloy powder which has been optimized especially for processing on EOSINT M systems.

This document provides information and data for parts built using EOS Titanium Ti64 powder (EOS art.-no. 9011-0014) on the following system specifications:

  • EOSINT M 270 Installation Mode Xtended with PSW 3.4 and default job Ti64_30_030_default.job
  • EOSINT M 270 Dual Mode with PSW 3.5 and Original EOS Parameter Set Ti64_Performance 2.0
  • EOSINT M 280 with PSW 3.5 and Original EOS Parameter Set Ti64_Speed 1.0


Parts built in EOS Titanium Ti64 have a chemical composition corresponding to ISO 5832-3, ASTM F1472 and ASTM B348.

This well-known light alloy is characterized by having excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance combined with low specific weight and biocompatibility.

This material is ideal for many high-performance engineering applications, for example in aerospace and motor racing, and also for the production of biomedical implants (note: subject to fulfilment of statutory validation requirements where appropriate).

Due to the layerwise building method, the parts have a certain anisotropy, which can be reduced or removed by appropriate heat treatment – see Technical Data for examples.