HAYNES® 282® Alloy Powder

Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM)

HAYNES® 282® Alloy Powder

HAYNES® 282® alloy powder is available for evaluation in laser additive manufacturing trials. Praxair Surface Technologies is producing 282 alloy vacuum induction melted argon atomized powder exclusively for Haynes International. Powder composition meets specification AMS 5915 (composition only).

Alloy Description

HAYNES 282 alloy is an advanced, gamma-prime strengthened superalloy that was developed for applications in aero- and land-based gas turbines, and other high-performance, high-temperature environments.

HAYNES 282 alloy is a unique Ni-Cr-Co-Mo-Al-Ti superalloy, which combines exceptional high-temperature properties with good weldability and fabricability. At high temperatures, even as high as 900°C (1650°F), the new alloy is stronger in creep strength than HAYNES® Waspaloy and approaches the creep strength of HAYNES® R-41 alloy.

Further, the 282 alloy has much improved thermal stability, weldability, and fabricability compared to Waspaloy and R-41 alloys. In particular, the 282 alloy was designed to have improved resistance to strain-age cracking, a welding problem common with many gamma-prime strengthened alloys.

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