Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

MJF Finishing / Post-Processing


Cerakote is a name brand protective coating we apply to Multi Jet Fusion parts. It is applied as a paint which is then post-baked to cure the coating onto the parts.  It is extremely durable, scratch resistant, chemical resistant, heat resistant, liquid resistant and UV resistant. It also is extremely thin at about .002”.

It is possible to add a primer to the part prior to application of the Cerakote which fills in some surface roughness to give the parts a more even and “satin” appearance.  Cerakote is applied while the parts are hung in commercial racks so the hanging of the parts may leave a cosmetic blemish.  This requires consideration of where to hold onto the parts to minimize this effect while giving maximum line of site to the features of the part so the Cerakote can reach all surfaces.

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