Dyeing, Painting, Clear-Coat

Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

MJF Finishing / Post-Processing

Dyeing, Painting, Clear-Coat

After printing, Multi Jet Fusion parts are a matte gray color with a light grain texture.  The gray can be mottled from light to darker in color. To create an even appearance, these parts are often dyed black. This is done at an elevated temperature for a fixed period to bond the dye to the part. The parts are then rinsed and dried. GoProto can dye your parts with black dye, or other dark colors such as dark red, dark green and dark blue.

Multi Jet Fusion parts accept paint well.  The light grain texture on the surface gives a mechanical bond to the primer that is applied to the parts. After primer the parts can be painted with a huge variety of colors and sheen levels from matte to gloss. However, it is important to note that gloss sheen will show the light grain texture on the printed parts.

To add durability to painted parts we often add clear coat as a final finishing coat.  Clear coat can add different sheen, UV stability, impact and scratch resistance. Talk to us about what finishing steps are best for your parts.

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